Q: What ages are allowed at Hooligans?

A: Ages vary per event with most concerts allowing all ages with parental supervision. Some concerts and events may have a strict age limit. Club nights and open bar nights are strictly ages 18 and up. When in doubt, always check the age limit listed on the tickets for the event. You can do that here.

Q: Can I bring my children to see a concert at Hooligans?

A: As long as the event allows all ages, you are allowed to bring your child. We highly recommend that any young children are provided hearing protection. We reserve the right to refuse service when necessary for the best interest of the child if proper hearing protection isn’t provided.

Q: What type of music do you play at club nights?

A: We host several different DJs with several different styles of music. Our DJs tend to play to the audience. Every Saturday, we host two different DJs in two different rooms at the club to give our guests the best possible experience. Styles typically played at our club night are: Hip Hop, R&B, Top 40, Dance Mixes, Reggae, Reggaeton, Dembow, Latin, Pop, etc.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?

A: Buy them here!

Q: What is your dress code? 

A: Please refer to our Policies and Dress Code tab for a detailed list of what is/isn’t allowed.

Q: Do I need my ID to enter Hooligans?

A: Yes. Per ALE guidelines, any patron entering the business must present a valid photo ID issued by a recognized government facility. 

There are four acceptable forms of ID, and they are listed here: 

  • US State Issued Driver’s License
  • US Military ID 
  • US State DMV Issued ID Card
  • Valid Passport

No other forms of identification are legally allowed to be accepted. This includes photos of the ID, non-government issued copies of the ID, or expired IDs.

Q: I want to perform at Hooligans, how can I be considered for a booking? 

A: You can email an EPK to HooligansMusicHall@yahoo.com to be considered. Please provide as much information as possible.

Q: I want to produce my own events at Hooligans, how can I rent the venue? 

A: You can email a request to HooligansMusicHall@yahoo.com to be considered. Please provide as much information about your event as possible. Rental fee varies and is based on what specific needs are required for your event. We are a full service, turn-key event space.

Q: I want to work at Hooligans, how can I apply? 

A: You can email an application or resume to us at HooligansMusicHall@yahoo.com and a representative will be in touch.

Q: I purchased tickets, does that mean I can meet the band? 

A: There is no guarantee to meet the artists unless a meet & greet option is available for purchase. We, the venue, do not control artist meet & greets. If an artist is to do a meet & greet, that option will [more than likely] be available for purchase by visiting their respective website. In the event we are allowed to sell meet & greets for artists, that option will be available on our ticketing platform or on notice at the event itself. Not every artist chooses to meet with guests following the event, and we respect their right to privacy.